We recommend listening to the album at least once every day, but there are two main ways to use our albums, and either is fine: You can listen while in a relaxed state of mind: studies have shown that the brain is most receptive to new information whilst relaxing. This is because your conscious mind is at rest and the sub-conscious mind can easily be accessed. This is when your mind processes all the information you have taken in recently, it is also the ideal time to listen to your subliminal messaging CD.

You can also leave the album on while you sleep, as again your subconscious mind is accessible. You can listen to the CDs multiple times or have the CD on in the background while working, doing your household tasks, or even while exercising. This way you may not receive all of the messages in just one playing, but by repeating the album after a few times you will receive the benefit.

You can listen to our album through either headphones or speakers, either way you will receive the benefit.


How to use the CDs effectively ?

1. Play the CD “I LOVE LEARNING” while you are doing your work/homework or studying/learning. You do not need to play the music loud as the affirmation messages will go into your subconscious mind with the brain waves. As long as the CD is audible, it is fine.

2. Play the CD “I AM AWESOME” while you are sleeping. Messages will be delivered to your subconscious mind in the alpha state of your brain.

Genius Minds offered a Life-time warranty with one-to-one exchange! 

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