Genius Minds International Sdn Bhd specialises in equipping individuals with skills and systems to awaken the geniuses within them and maximize their potential in all aspects of their lives.

With the help of dedicated world class trained trainers and coaches, participants will be motivated and inspired to succeed both academically as well as morally and socially to become effective leaders in their communities. They will be encouraged and enabled to ACT on what they have learnt.

An Effective Education Program involves teaching participants HOW TO EFFECTIVELY APPLY the knowledge they acquired so that learning is practical, relevant and meaningful.

・ We believe that students learn best in a fun, loving and positive environment so that they will grow up to be happy, confident and loving adults.

・ Education should also inculcate independence in the individual through self-discovery and interactive programs which transform learning into a passion rather than a chore.

・ Values determine behaviour. Our system is an integrated and multi-faceted approach to provide healthy and holistic learning for participants. Character comes first. It is the basis and foundation of a solid education in life.

・ Participants will be groomed to become life-long learners and be able to become outstanding professionals in whatever career they choose to embark on because of their specialized knowledge and their responsible character.

・ With the latest cutting edge technology of Dermatoglyphics, our system is able to help participants identify their strengths and maximise on them and also work on the area that needs improvements in all areas of their life.

Using some of the latest and most advanced skills and technologies, we had been able to produce BETTER results in  SHORTER time and these results are PERMANENT and TRANSFORMATIONAL.