Everyone of us have different types of learning styles. Understanding our own different learning styles and using different methods to learn will allow us to learn easier and faster.

There are three main learning styles:

  1. Auditory – learn best through listening
  2. Visual – learn best through diagrams, colors, pictures, etc
  3. Kinesthetic –  learn best through movement, hands-on, activities, etc

What is yours?

Traditional schools had always been trying to use different methods to teach all the different kinds of students. However, with the tight schedule to finish the syllabus, they usually do not have the luxury of time to employ these techniques. That is why some students achieve good results and some of them don’t!

10 Learning Treasures is a sole-proprietary study system developed by Mr. Jacky Cheng, Master Trainer and Founder of Genius Minds.  It encompasses all the 10 simple essentials activities that a student has to do so as to achieve his/her study goals easily and without any pressure.

The system is as simple as the list below:
  1. Study attitudes – what are yours?
  2. Set your rewards – what do you want to get if you achieve?
  3. Homework – correct way to get your homework finish in the shortest time
  4. Study place – where is it in the house is the most suitable place to study
  5. Focus – how to have the best concentration (left and right brain integration, breathing ,etc)
  6. Incentive & goals – plan your goals and get incentives to move on

And Much More!!!!

The correct learning methods will be able to help you shorten your learning and working time and master the topics that you are learning. Are you using the right methods?

Other learning skills which will be taught in the workshop:

  1. Effective ways to take note
  2. Understand your learning style and effectively use it for learning
  3. Time management (eat, rest, work, play, etc)
  4. Easy and Effective Memory techniques for “A”grades


We are using a cutting edge technology profiling tool – Fingerprints analysis to find your learning style!