Concentration, Confidence, Character, Creativity +

Memory & Mastery (4CM2)

The Problem

When students are in class, even if they are not talking, it does not mean they are listening;

Even if they are listening, it does not mean that they understand. The lack of concentration in students is a ubiquitous problem that educators, teachers and parents face.

Many students also lack confidence, especially the weaker students and many of them, over time, give up on themselves and slowly, they expect the people around them to do so, especially their parents. This had created many sad cases of talented students not being able to maximized their potential to be a blessings to the world.

As time goes by, we realized that the students today are pretty creative and many times, this creativity is not put to good and correct usage. We also realized that the attitude of students today are not wanting to be a Master of themselves and many a times, they lack the passion and motivation to excel in things that they are talented in. Mastery is a key component in the success of any individual in any aspects of their life, especially in their belief systems and attitude.

With the many successes of the 3CM program launched in 2009, we are glad that many student and family had benefitted from this program. To date, this program had trained more than 1000 students in many countries, mainly in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. However, times had changed with the introduction of technology and more research work on the functions of the brain.

In 2012, we have decided to re-packaged this workshop with the new ingredients. Thus, we came out with the syllabus of 4CM2 which added in two very important elements, namely Creativity and Mastery.  


The Solution

Research has shown that students who are weaker in the occipital part of the brain tend to be weaker in concentration. This program serves to help students train this area of their brains more to improve their concentration. With better concentration, they can think better, remember better and learn better.

With better character and better skills, students are able to perform better and they can be slowly transformed to be the best in whatever they can be.

Course Objective:

“It is much cheaper to teach character to a child than to repair a broken man” – Anonymous

In this comprehensive program, the underlying focus is in building the student’s character and confidence while training them to improve their concentration in learning and thinking.

We are also train them on using their creativity (right brain thinking) for the right purpose. Many a times, this particular function had not been used for the good in terms of composition and problem solving. In this world of “big fish eat small fish”, we need to be creative and being outstanding in what we are doing to ensure that we are not the bait.

“Every great Master was once a Disaster.” Today, many people fail to make mistakes but science had proven that we learn best by making mistakes. The more experience we have in making mistakes, the faster we take to master the matter. So in this problem, we create many opportunities for Mastery to be practiced and achieved. However, as Mastery takes a long time, we have introduced 3 monthly follow up classes to ensure that the commitment to Mastery is practiced daily.

The person who lives life fully, glowing with life’s energy, is the person who lives a successful life.


Module 1:  Character Builder 1 – Attitude of Gratitude.

A truly successful person is also a person who knows how to

be appreciative and be grateful. This very important character building block is instilled in the students right from the start.

By helping other people become happy, we too become happy. How can those suffering in the depths of hell, who have lost the will to live, get back on their feet? Merely thinking about our own problems often causes us to fall even deeper into despair. But, by offering a hand to someone who is also suffering, we ourselves regain the will to live. 


Module 2:  Memory Skill – Whole Brain Integration and Mind Mapping

Students will do fun and effective activities that allow both their left and right brains to balance and integrate so that they will be able to remember what they have learnt better and longer. Immediately following that, students will learn powerful and effective note-taking and study skills such as mind mapping skills that they can use to take notes during class and lectures. They will be taught how to use it and APPLY it during their revision for their exams.


Module 3: Confidence Booster 1 – My S.W.O.T analysis – Knowing Myself!

Through the latest cutting-edge profiling tool, students will get to know their natural, in-born gifts and talents. Once they know their own weaknesses and strengths, they will be able to get specific help to cover their weaknesses and be able to fully focus on their strengths. Once they know where their unique strengths are, their confidence will be increased and their self-esteem raised.


Module 4:            Concentration Power 1: Focus Questions

This thought-provoking module includes a rapid series of questions which require quick mobilization of the thought on that subject alone


Module 5:            Memory Pegs

Pegging is a system of remembering things that is simple yet powerful. Students will be taught how to link what they learnt effectively so that they can remember what they learn in a shorter amount of time and are able to recall them quickly when needed, especially during exams.

Knowledge itself is a neutral tool that can be used for good or evil. Wisdom, in contrast, always directs us toward happiness. The task of education must be to stimulate and unleash the wisdom that lies dormant in the lives of all young people. This is not a forced process, like pressing something into a preformed mold, but rather drawing out the potential which exists within.


Module 6:            Confidence Booster 2: Power Questions

Students will get actively involved in coming up with a list of Power Questions that will boost their confidence and energy levels, which in turn enhances their memory.

When you devote yourself to achieving your goal, you will not be bothered by shallow criticism. Nothing important can be accomplished if you allow yourself to be swayed by some trifling matter, always looking over your shoulder and wondering what others are saying or thinking. The key to achievement is to move forward along your chosen path with firm determination.


Module 7:            Character Builder 2: Integrity & Honesty

Say what you mean; mean you what say. Students learn the importance of “walking their talk” to build trust in relationships.


Module 8:            Concentration Power 2: GOTCHA!(The Genius Minds Way)

This module includes makes concentration exercises truly wonderful games!


Module 9:            Fun Acronyms and Ridiculous Stories!

We learn best when we laugh – when we are relaxed and having fun. Students have loads of fun and laughter as they learn this fun but effective memory skill where they go crazy making up bizarre, outrageous stories which allows them to remember what they learn forever and ever!


Module 10:                    Confidence Booster 3 – Visualization

Students will learn visualization techniques that help them to relax, concentrate better and remember what they learn better, especially for the exams.


Module 11:           Character Builder 3: Love & Charity

Love is the foundation of Success. Students get practical experience on receiving and giving love and compassion to build their humanity. They also learn to say the more difficult word for some, “SORRY”.


Module 12:          Concentration Power 3: Idea Association

          Students go on and exciting adventure as they master the skill of instant association for them to focus and concentrate better.


Module 13:                    Purpose-driven Memory

In this module, students will discover the EXACT purpose(s) or reason(s) of wanting to learn or remember. Once the goal is determined, we help the students to strengthen their motives for massive action.


Module 14:          10 Treasures Study Techniques ©

This is a sole-proprietary study system developed by Mr. Jacky Cheng. It encompasses all the 10 essential things that a student just needs to do daily and scoring excellent grades has never been easier!


Module 15:          Concentration Power 4: Cool Contrast

                    Through vivid contrast, students are trained to be able to pick out differences rapidly, generating INTEREST which sharpens their concentration ability.

The task of education must be fundamentally to ensure that knowledge serves to further the cause of human happiness and peace.

Module 16:          Unleash the Creativity

                    In this module, we exercise the right brain to unleash the creativity in the students. This is done though lots of games and activities so that they are conditioned to use their creativity as part of their daily life. We also deal with mind blocks that deter the usage of creativity.


Module 17:          Mastery

 How you do anything is how you do anything!

Jack of all trades, Master of None! That’s what the average person is all about.

With the modern family setups, many students are lacking initiative and ability to excel. With help given from the family, they are often lazy, especially in their desire to learn and excel in their learning. Without a proper structure of coaching and guidance, students today seems to be heading no-where and many do not know what their life ambitions are.

The present education system does not help much in assisting them to be Masters of themselves, believing in their talents and showcasing their abilities. Every batch, only a small handful is given the chance and this greatly hinders the growth of the other students.

The ability to be a Master is a life-long skill to acquire. Unless the foundation is set right, the success of an individual may be greatly dampened.

“Dig beneath your feet, there you will find a spring.” The place where you are now is crucial. Never try to avoid that which you must do.