Unlock Your Child’s Learning Genius


Duration : 3 Days 2 Nights (students stay overnight)

Camp 1 : 9 to 12 years old

Camp 2 : 13 to 18 years old

Note : This program come with a 10 months (4 hours / session) coaching program. Please enquire if your package comes with this entitlement.


Overview of program

Your attitude determines your altitude. Similarly, a child’s learning attitude determines his/her learning results. This signature program is an accelerated learning skills program, specially designed to help students adjust their attitude towards learning for the better, hence improve their academic results as well as their self-confidence. With their newly built confidence, they will be able to overcome some of their fears, primarily the fear of getting bad grades.


Program Outline:

  •       Increase students’ self confidence
  •       Creates the awareness of why students need to study
  •       Creates the interest and passion for learning in students
  •       Creates the students’ ownership of the benefits of doing better academically
  •       Creates the passion that drives them to want to learn even more
  •       Impartation of study skills and techniques, learning at least 5 basic study skills to improve their academic results
  •       Learn the different strategies to academic excellence
  •       Creates the changes required in students’ study and learning patterns
  •       Students will learn 3 to 5 different memory techniques to help them with their studies.
  •       Integration of the whole brain, so that they can learn faster and better
  •       Creating the awareness of how the students relate to the world
  •       Identify students’ different learning styles and how they can use it to help them to learn better
  •       Helping students to have a better understanding of their core being, their purpose in life and how their academic results can be linked to their dreams and mission, creating the motivation for excellence
  •       Setting and achieve Study Goals, with the help of the “SMART” and “7A” model
  •       Creating new and strong belief system about learning and academic excellence
  •       Taking actions and responsibility for their academic grades

Package Includes:Once students sign up for the program, they can re-sit the program to review for FREE for a LIFETIME. They only need to pay for food and lodging each time they come to re-sit the program.


How this program will be conducted:

This program will be conducted using the latest and newest cutting edge technology in education.

The program will be structured in the following way :

  • 20% of the program will be acquiring knowledge, through the sharing of the trainers’ experience and expertise.
  • 50% of the program will be games and activities, as games are the reflection of behaviors, helping them to be more aware of who they are and what they had been doing. Students will also get clarity on
  • 30% of the program will be self-discovery. This is done through debriefs, exercises or self reflection. The power of self-discovery is that all learning points come from the children themselves and they own all the answers, versus answers given to them. This creates a transformational impact on their lives.

Day 1

Students learn and experience what it means to participate in something fully, including and especially in learning through games. Positive music that are appropriate for the students – music that is uplifting, inspiring and positive will be played.

Students will go through a series of activities that will stimulate and integrate/balance their whole brain: front, back, left and right so that that they will be able to absorb what they will learn faster, more completely so that their learning is lasting. Students are then grouped into their various age groups. This is the group that they will stay with for the rest of the program.

Time allocation. Students will learn first hand what it means to do things fast AND accurate. This is so that they develop the habit of being prompt and not procrastinate. They learn that it is not Time management (passé, plus, we cannot manage time! Time is flies and goes and there is nothing we can do about it, so we cannot manage it!) but Priority and Activity Management that is key.

Students will be put in an environment that is all positive and fun. They start to realise that learning together can be very fun and rewarding!


Day 2

Students hands-on experience and realise that there are good outcomes as well as bad consequences from the choices that they make. This deeply impacts for them to WANT TO CHOOSE the good outcomes for themselves, on their own. Hence, students are empowered to make good decisions for themselves. Should they choose a bad decision, they will learn that it is normal and human to make mistakes, the key to learn quickly from the mistake and NOT REPEAT THE MISTAKE.

Students will learn the 7A system. They will also set their Target marks and goals for their next tests and exams. This will be ingrained in them during the program so that the results can be automatically achieved, especially with the revision sessions.


Day 3

Students will go through a powerful process to eliminate negative attitudes, especially towards learning. They will replace them with strong, affirmative attitudes.

10 Treasures Study Techniques© This is a sole-proprietary study system developed by Mr. Jacky Cheng. It encompasses all the 10 essential things that a student just needs to do daily. As long as these 10 things are done daily, scoring excellent grades has never been surer and easier!


GRADUATION CEREMONY ( 6 to 9 pm on 3rd Day) :

It is compulsory for parents to attend this graduation ceremony. In this session, parents will be briefed on what the children had been taught and how the parents can still support their learning when they are back at home. The language used in the camp will also be shared during this session so that parents can continue to use the same language at home to support the child’s continuous improvement.

Please take note that if either parent is not able to attend this graduation ceremony, we reserve the right not to take in the student. This is extremely important for the child to feel and know that he/she is completely love and supported at this important moment.